• Can you imagine leaving $80,000,000,000 to decay in a wallet? 10,963 bitcoin wallets have remained stagnant for more than a decade, representing a ghastly 1,826,206 BTC left for dead.

  • The Lost Bitcoins is a tribute to all that lost currency, more than $80 billion entombed, likely forever.

  • How these bitcoins met their demise is anyone’s guess: lost passwords, dusty dust-bins, or even hard drives tossed into the heaps of a landfill.

  • While these coins may be lost, they will never be forgotten, and their final resting place will be in the metaverse. Somewhere where we can all pay tribute forever more. But beware... if the tombs are disturbed, spirits have been known to escape...

  • As you walk through the graveyard, you’ll encounter Satoshi’s Grand Tomb, a towering Taj Mahal structure that looms over the misty grounds, really putting the crypt in crypto.

  • This is where virtual pilgrimages are made, to pay tribute to the Bitcoin visionary, his palace filled with relics and memes of Bitcoin’s past, present and future

  • You’ll find the NFT gravestones representing each of the 10,963 OG wallets in the Lost Bitcoins cemetery, representing over 1.8 million BTC.

  • The chilling NFT collection is multi-tiered, each tier representing a wallet of different size.
  • 50-99 BTC
  • (10,857)
  • 100-999 BTC
  • (85)
  • 1,000-31,000 BTC
  • (20)
  • 1,124,600 BTC
  • (1)


The Curse of the Lost Bitcoin…Heed this warning: Should any bitcoin be moved or disturbed in these forgotten wallets, the spirits will grow restless...

Legends say that the NFT holder of any disturbed gravesite will be automatically notified by the cryptokeeper to burn their NFT and mint a Bitcoin Ghost NFT.

We may never learn the secrets of the Bitcoin Ghosts NFT, as minting one is extraordinarily rare.


There are many secrets lost in the cemetery waiting to be discovered. As the utilities and future are built, the community and ecosystem will grow. Here’s what we’ve unearthed so far...


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Over the years we have consistently heard tails from founders and entrepreneurs in the crypto industry who got in to Bitcoin super early and ultimately ended up losing their wallets private key. We wanted to get to the bottom of this and find out exactly how many wallets have been “lost”

Join our community and stay active. There will be contests and giveaways each week for wl spots

We will narrow down an exact price 3 weeks out. We expect the NFT to price above the market average.

Take part in Bitcoin, the blockchain and crypto’s history. Be part of a community of crypto OG’s and newbies and take part in shaping our future. The more NFTs you own the higher your chances of minting a Bitcoin Ghost!

Here on our website! Once the sale is over you will find us on OpenSea.

Your lost spot will go back into the pool for the public sale. We will keep a 3 day window for the private sale.

Royalties will be used for IRL Events and Sponsorships, a community DAO Treasury , and fun products that will expand our brand, community and ecosystem.

Private Sale Mints will be limited to 1/2 per wallet address, based on the community we collaborate with.

Only on our socials, we will keep the mint date clearly posted on our website, on our announcements channel in our discord, and on our Twitter and IG.

Each NFT represents one of the lost bitcoin wallets. The NFTs are minted at random and the wallets range from the smallest 50 bitcoin tombstones all the way to Satoshi‘s Grant Tomb wallet of over 1 million Bitcoin! The Lost Bitcoins will track these wallets and if/when a wallet reactivates the NFT holder will have the opportunity to burn their dead wallet and mint a Bitcoin Ghost NFT!! As we build out our roadmap and brand ecosystem NFT holders will receive a range of benefits and incentives including community tokens in game rewards in real life experiences and more. Stay Tuned as we get closer to the mint for some exciting reveals!!


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